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“An artist’s career always begins tomorrow.”

James McNeill Whistler



Jamie Williams is a talented multi-award winning artist, emerging on the Art scene.


The writer John Cheever once wrote “Art is the triumph over chaos” and in a world of chaos, where young men struggle to understand the discord around them, he finds peace in his creativity...we should all be so lucky.


To view an artist’s work is a rare glimpse, a window, into the inner workings of that persons mind, body and soul, and into our own.


Does his art reveal his love of fashion, his intrigue of history and archaeology, his peace in his spirituality, or something completely different...does it reveal more about you than it does about him?


You have an opportunity to decide for yourself; as his art offers answers...or simply poses more questions...welcome to The end of the beginning...Welcome to tomorrow.

JAMIE is currently working on a multi-volume series of graphic novels, creating a vast universe in the process.


Jamie Williams is available for commission





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